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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April - Happy Easter!

Don't you just love Springtime, buds, bulbs popping out of the ground, new life begining again everywhere you look. I love the colors of Spring, and they go hand in hand with Easter. I was walking in the store the other day and I went past the bathroom towels. The colors were so bright and vivid that it almost lured me into buying new towels. Well as I sit down to try to figure out something new for you to do for the Sisters you visit teach, I thought about making something out of some of those beautiful and colorful towels and boy did I hit the jack pot. I remembered some cute ideas that I have done myself in the past and then I googled some ideas. I found some really cute ideas to give as a simple and inexpensive but creative little Easter/Springtime gift. Have you ever made those cute little Bunnies with your kids out of a wash cloth? Well here is a new twist on a wash cloth bunny. The bunny can be unwrapped and used as a wash cloth after using it as a holiday decoration. How about making one out of a colorful wash cloth and wrapping a small bar of soap in the back of the bunny. If you go to this link it will show you the directions how to do it.
To just make a simple Bunny wash cloth you can find the directions at:
You can find the directons to make another cute little bunny out of a wash cloth and a Poofy Shower Scrubber by going to this site:
There are so many other darling things that I found online that you can make with a simple wash cloth.

Wash cloth cake rolls w/ a cherry maganet to top it off. The ones pictured are for purchase, but how hard would these be to make by rolling up a colored and a white cloth together into a jelly roll? There doesn't seem to be any directions that I can find to make these, so my directions to make a jelly roll cake out of wash cloths would be to fold two wash cloths in quarters and put the colored one down first and the white or cream one on top of it. Then Roll. YOu could probalby cut a strip of card stock paper to help hold it shape. I would also guess that you would need to use a matching colored elastic or 1/4 " ribbon to tie it around the rolled section. Find a plastic cherry or Strawberry and paste a magnet on it. Secure it onto the elastic or ribbon. You could cut a strip of clear plastic transparentcy paper the width of the roll and wrap it around the roll and secure it with a clear cellophane tape strip and I think it would hold it's shape better. Set inside a cupcake cup, and I would think a foil cup would be pretty! Wrap in Cellophane or set inside a cute clear cellophane bag that you can purchase at Xpedex stores or craft stores as well. I have not made this yet, but I am going to go down and purchase what I need and I will experiment and see if I can get some more precise directions for you!

How about a lollipop wash cloth surprise? I can't believe all the ways you can fold a wash cloth and make something so cute! Well if you would like the directions to make them, go to

There's more.... how about a colorful washcloth folded into a cute little chick? I can see you putting on a little tag tied to the chick and saying something like this..." I am so glad that we chicks can cluck together while visiting teaching!" To get more informaion go to, ok, I have just about exhausted the folded wash cloth ideas, but for you overly ambitious sisters, here is a very cute idea for using wash cloths. These are wash cloth slippers and they too look very cute.

There are two examples that I found that you could go to find the directions and both pairs of slippers are just alittle bit different from each other. I can imagine how you could create all different kinds of looks with these slippers by adding all kinds of do dads. Go to and another site is at this location:

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