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Monday, February 7, 2011

More Cute Valentine Ideas

I usually make up my own Valentines, because I can, so I try to come up with a Valentine that has a message that is specific for either the gift I am giving, or for the person.  Here is my little gift idea that i am giving to the ladies I Visit teach and I hope that none of them come look at this post before I get their Valentine to them.  Well.... if they do, then they will have something to look forward to..... do you think?
Click on the image and it will make it larger for you to see in better detail.  I love vintage so I took an old Vintage Valentine and added some other do dads, and turned it into a Valentine, that is color coded to match the little gift I am giving.

I went to Target and in their $1 section, I found some really cute black, red and white note pads that have a magnet on the back side.  They also had some really cute matching pens so I bought them and taped them to the front of the note pad.  I then found some matching pencils too, and did the same with them.  I bundled all of this up in a Valentine Cellophane bag and tied the top off with a red ribbon.  It turned out so very cute.  Now... Notice what the Valentine says right at the top..."PLEASE NOTE" ... get it?  Note pad and please note.  Pretty cleaver and very cute. 
These Valentines will print two per page and they are note card size.  Walmart sometimes carries the note card size envelop, but if they don't have any, then Office Max or Office Depot or any other office store should carry them, but unfortunately in bulk.  I do allot of card making so, I buy bulk most of the time. 

Sending a Package to someone in the mail for Valentines Day?  I made these up to send my Valentine Package to my son's family who lives in Wyoming.  These can also be used as gift tags too, for cookies or other goodies that you make up to give to someone for Valentines Day.  Enjoy!

I found a cute old Popcorn themed Valentine here: that I used to create one of my own, to put on a box of microwave popcorn to give to my sons and sons-in-law as part of the Valentine packages I do for my children's families.  This Valentine (at the bottom) would be cute to use in many different ways.  Today at my local Target store, I found these darling large heart shaped bowls in pink or red, and I thought how cute it would be to pop some popcorn and fill up those bowls. (and to make it extra yummy, add a bag of Valentine M&M's) I would wrap the popcorn filled bowl in cellophane and tie the top with a beautiful bow, and of course I would attach this cute Valentine to tie in the Popcorn message.

On my blog, I even have a Mother gooses or Koolaid popcorn recipe that would be great to use for the popcorn if you wanted to get alittle more creative than just having buttered popcorn. Kettle Corn is really good too and that is easy to make as well.  I found a very simple recipe for Kettle Corn on the Rachael Ray site.

I also found another site that did about what I did with this popcorn idea and here is their link

Have fun and enjoy your Valentine giving!  Love, Katie

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