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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine Bingo (2 different sets of cards, pictures and numbers

So why would I be posting Valentine Bingo on my Visiting teaching surprise blog?  If you are a mom and help out at school, then you will like this post. 

My daughter called me and told me that she was going into both of her children's school classes to help with their Valentine parties.  She wanted to play Valentine Bingo with each class.  So... I wanted to help her and came up with some cute Bingo cards. 

I found the darling basic Valentine Bingo Card template on a blog called "The idea Room" and here is the link to the template and the directions: 
I took the blank template and added my own numbers on the "Numbers Valentine Bingo" game.  There is a blank card so that you can use it to make your own, that I found on at the idea room website, at the first link.  Here is my link that you can download these if you like:

For my Grandsons class, some of the children don't know their numbers up to 24, so I decided to take the basic template from the idea room and put my pictures on the cards.  I found it difficult to find enough images that looked good together, so I just found RED images, and made them pngs, and added them to the bingo cards.  I think they look darling.  I created These two cards, as well as I have all the objects and a blank card for you to create as many different combinations as you like.
They are located at this link in my dropbox, but will only be up through the end of February 2014, so get them now.

Please do not ask me to customize more cards for you, because I do not have the time, but I think that you can do it yourself.  Save the images to created a page for you to use as the caller page, or print off each different picture image, to show the kids as the calling card.

I have to give some kudos to the blog that I mentioned that I got the template downloads from, The idea room.  You should go to that blog because it has so many darling ideas of fun things to create.  Take a tip from me and go visit it.  Best regards, Katie G


Nikki said...

These Valentine number bingo cards are so cute! I can't get the link to open though. Can you send it these to me?

Nikki said...

These Valentine's number bingo cards are so cute! I can't get the link to open, is there a way you could e-mail these to me? Thanks

Nikki said...

These Valentine number bingo cards are so cute! I can't get the link to open them, can you please e-mail them to me? Thanks so much!

Mimi said...

Hi! I would love to download these adorable picture cards for my daughter's class party...but the link is not working. Would you be able to send them to me, or post another link? Thank you! Mimi

Wendy said...

Thank you! This is exactly what I was searching for--# bingo for my son's kindergarten class party. Thanks for doing all the work and sharing it!

Unknown said...

I am also having the same problem printing out the blank card template, although the numbered cards printed fine. Could you send another link to me as well?
Thanks :)

misty said...

I would love to use your lovely creation. If you are sharing, my email is

What a clever and fun idea!

Jenny Harrison said...

I would love to print the numbered bingo cards!! I can't get the link to work though.

You know what they say about old friends and antiques? They grow more valuable with time.

Glad that you dropped by my blog!

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