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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fresh Frozen Strawberry Jam recipe

I made these recipe cards up today to go with with the Mother's Day gifts that I am giving to my daughters and daughters-in-law. My daughters love to cook and since everyone is concerned with getting some food storage, I thought that this kind of a gift would be more thoughtful, last longer and would be more needed than something else I could buy. What I did was to buy some plastic containers to put their frozen Jam in, some Sure Jell Fruit pectin, sugar, and strawberries. I am offering to get together to make the jam as well at my house, which we love to do!

I decided that since I went to all the work to make up these recipe cards, I may as well share and let others get the benefit of my work. I made them up to print 4 per page, and if you copy them on white card stock you can print on both sides so that they can have the sugar free or low Sugar recipe on the backside as well as the regular recipe.

Tip from Katie - When I print my recipe cards, I ALWAYS laminate them because if I don't they will inevitably get ruined with spills while I am preparing the recipes. Laminating lets me wipe off the spill off the card and it stays as good as new! If I print a page recipe off the Internet, I always slip them into a plastic sheet protector and put it in a tabbed loosleaf or binder for storage. They too can be easily wiped off without ruining the recipe page. Recipe binders store easily too!

My other thought for posting this on the Visiting Teaching blogs would be that if you make up one batch of jam, it makes 5 - 6 jars of jam, which would be a perfect and very yummy gift for the sisters that you Visit teach. If I were giving this as a gift to them, I would also print off the recipes, and attach that to the jar of Jam. You could also use my pattern for the jar lids below and make up a fabric jar lid for decoration.

For a gift for friends, it would be fun to have some rolls or a yummy loaf of Great Harvest Bread, or even some Sour dough or Artisan bread and a jar or two of Jam, and even a little crock of homemade butter. (You could fake it and just put a cube of butter inside a crock.) Then put them all in a cute basket or a cute decorator box or folded lunch box that you can get from Xpedex, and lined it with a fabric napkin, cute printed dish cloth, tissue paper or even just a cut square of fabric that you have laying around your house. Make sure to print off a recipe card and include it as well. Very fun and cute and thoughtful gift for anyone!
Enjoy and let me know how your jam turns out! Katie G.


Nota Adicional: Las cuatro tazas de fresas probablemente se conviertan en dos ya siendo machacadas(trituradas).

La receta se agrega la pectina de la caja Sure-Jell (USA) ... aqui esta la foto de la caja... en los paises hispanos probablemente puedan encontrar una caja de pectina para fruta-mermeladas... Traducido por Maria

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