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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cute Easter Ideas

I have been so swamped with so many other things to create my own ideas for Easter, so I have found some cute ones that I wanted to pass on to you.  Darling ideas, and the links to them. 

This is the link to this darling "Carrot" filled template.  Easy to create!   How cute would this be to take as a little Easter Visiting Teaching gift?  I think I am going to use this template for my visiting teaching.  My sisters and I are going to lunch at Olive Garden to get to know each other better.  Over lunch I will give the lesson, and then this will be a fun and cute take home for them to enjoy.  I want my sisters to feel loved.  I wrote Emily who is the author of the website that this idea was founded, and I found out she is LDS too.  Isn't it fun to find sisters throughout the world with the same goals, and efforts to serve others.  Thanks Emily!

SMORES IN A JAR can be found at this site:   At this site, she had many ideas that are great for Easter.  I love the cute marshamallow bunnies that are being made now in different colors anf flavors.  Of course I am a Peep lover, and would probably use peeps.

Now speaking of Peeps, if you go back into my archives you can find all kinds of great ideas to use Peeps with.  Click on this link  and it brings up all my Easter and Sprintime ideas. 

Now lookie what I found.... Templates to make Easter Baskets.  The first one is created by "Tracy" and she use to design for Digichick, but I can't find a link to her.  The second one can be found at She has a template and other darling baskets that she made including a Birthday basket. 

They can be made up so cute with the darling digital or other scrapbook papers that are available now.  I just suggest that you get one that is printed on cardstock so it will be more durable.  Wouldn't it be sad if you went to all that work to make such a cute basket, and it broke because the paper wasn't strong enough.  There is a solution if you find just the right print on paper..... if you use spray glue and glue it to a piece of cardstock, then it would be heavy enough to use for an Easter basket.  Here is one freebie template link and another one that is pictured next comes from  Jannie who is the designer at this site, encourages you to make up her template and then take a photo of how it turned out and send it to her.  That would be a nice way of saying Thank-you for using her template design for free.

I could go on and on with Easter ideas to give to the women you Visit Teach or to Friends, neighbors, your own children, parents, or whomever, but my time is gone and I need to clean my house, lest my husband return and say... "Did a tornado go through today?"  Just kidding, he is really patient with me as he knows my love for creating cute things, but I do need to stop now.  Hope you enjoy these ideas and if you have a cute one and would like to share.... please let me know.  My email is listed on the right column of this blog.  Happy Easter!  Katie G.

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