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Friday, January 4, 2013

Relief Society and Visiting Teaching in Action--- Pay if forward.

I had whole knee replacement surgery, the day after Christmas, which was only 10 days ago. I have to say that other than having children, it has been the most painful and difficult thing I have ever undertaken. But setting aside the pain, I have to share with you, the love and sisterhood that has come my way.  I have had many prayers offered on my behalf, as well as I have had my name put in the temple by several of my sisters.I have had countless short calls, several short visits, many calls that my husband took, on my behalf.  Besides that I have had cards in the mail, and more meals and offers for meals,  that we can eat.  I know this kind of loving response, doesn't always happen, though I wish it would, I just had to share with you, why it has helped me so much.  I am even adding some of the photos I have taken of myself, during my recovery process... hopeing to see the progressess in future photos, but because I want to show you that this is ME, a real person, and tell you of the blessings that have come my way through kindness of so many.

No matter how much we as women, like to try to do it all ourselves, and try to recover from things, without letting others in to help us, we do need others.  We need our family and extended family... neighbors, friends, Visiting Teachers, and Relief Society sisters..... we just do.  I tried my best to let others know that my husband would be preparing all our meals, as we are both on diets, and trying to only eat what we are able... you know yucky diet food.  Well, they didn't listen and I am so glad because even though we have had lots of meals brought to us that are on our diet, they tasted so much better than the ones we cook, because that special ingredient they use, and add to flavor it so much better.   You know... "love".  Love makes everything taste better1

While I was preparing for this difficult surgery, I reached out to several sisters in my ward to help me understand just what I would be going through.  I wanted to be prepared, and those sister helped me to know what is important to do in preparation for the surgery, and afterwards, when the really hard part begins.  One neighbor brought over a little pedal machine for me to use, and explained that after she was over the biggest part of the pain, she would sit in a chair and slip her feet into the pedals, and pedal, while watching a movie, reading a book or working on her computer.  She said that she had let others use it after their knee surgeries too.  How kind, and what a thoughtful and helpful act of service. 

I have a darling sister I visit teach.  She has been inactive for many, many years, though loves to visit with and welcomes her Visiting Teachers.  I told her about my surgery and that I would probably have to miss a visit during January, because I would most likely not be driving or walking good enough by then to get it in.  Before I could suggest another option, like a telephone visit, she spoke up and said, "'Well then, I guess if you can't come Visit teach me, I will just have to come and Visit teach you!" ..... Now guess who was knocking at my door this morning, bearing gifts, and came for a nice visit?  You guessed it, my wonderful sister, who is also my wonderful friend.  I was so gratified by her visit, you can't imagine... actually maybe you can.  Visiting Teaching was the seed  that was planted and bloombed into a wonderful friendship. 

I can't walk without a walker, and I am going through some really painful physical therapy, but one day, my knee will be all healed and I will be out walking to my sisters homes, doing my Visiting teaching. 

I have heard from all of those sister I visit teach either by"checking up on your" texts, meals, or visits. Usually I am posting  on my blog of why it is important for you to get out and do your Visiting teaching, and  providing little handouts to make it easier to get there, but this time, I am getting pay back, even though it was never the motivation.  The love, concern and kind words that I have been given, is the best kind of pay if forward that I would ever even wish for.  I feel such gratitude.  Now if someone would just create the handout for this month for me.... any takers? Ha, Ha.

Being a Visiting teacher who develops REAL friendship with all those they teach is so important, and what our Heavenly father wants us to do.  My side of the story had to be shared, and I have such gratitude in my heart for the sisterhood that I feel as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I hope you can feel the other side of the story in your own live too.  It us usually the giver side I share with you of things you can do to get the job done, but the receiver side is just as important.  NOW make sure you get your sisters needs met.  Get to know what their needs are, and do something.  Become their friends, instead of just an associate.  Love them and serve them... for that is what our Heavenly Father desires for us.  Set your New Years goal high and never miss an opportunity to serve in this wonderful sisterhood, or wherever you are called, or anywhere else the opportunity arises.  Don't have to be a member of this church, or an active member to reach out and serve, or to be served by those who are.  Fill in each others gaps, and be the crutch under the arm to help bear one anothers burdens.  In doing, develop wonderful friendships in the process. 

I love my sisters!!!!  Each and every one of them.  Best loving regards, Katie G.

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carol said...

If I knew how I would do it! I see such cute ideas but don't know how to make them except the (really)old-fashioned way! Paint, color,cut out, paste etc. Some of them don't look hard but I obviously need a tutorial!

You know what they say about old friends and antiques? They grow more valuable with time.

Glad that you dropped by my blog!

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