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Monday, April 27, 2015

Gift giving

I have mentioned this before, but will mention this again... I administrate a Facebook group called "Extraordinary Visiting Teachers."

You should go join, because there is a lot of really good conversation on that group, that can be so helpful in so many ways! Anyhow....I recently posted  a page of ideas to help people come up with "Easy, quick and cheap, but thoughtful things to take to a friend," which are gift giving ideas.  I cannot tell you how often I am in need of  a little thoughtful gift to give to someone at a minutes notice.  I included links to some blogs or websites for some of them, but I have no affiliation with any of them, but needed an example of the gift ideas. (You know what they say... a Picture is worth a thousand words.)  Anyway... Feel free to use these or copy the page, and pass it on to help others.  That is what it is all about... Serving others, and a side benefit from doing kind things for others is that it makes you feel so darn good too!  Go out and serve.  Enjoy!  Katie G

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