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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Very Cute Valentine Ideas

   Have been looking for some cute and original Valentine Ideas to do for my children.  I have found some really cute one that I wanted to provide links so that you too could see these fun things to do.  Here is the first one that I found.  It is soooo cute and would be cute even not hanging with a berry wreath behind it.  I have put this link below the image.  To see it closer, click on the image  There is a complete tutorial of how this was made and it only cost $4! 

Now I found this next one in my search for really cute and creative things to do for Valentines at this site:  I can't believe just by looking at the picture that it is made out of cupcake liners.  The tutorial on how to make it is on the blog, so be sure to go to it and have a look see!  My mind of course went wild with this one, because think about all the other holidays that you would like to have  a wreath up and you could buy the cupcake liners for St. Patricks Day ( which I have a hard time finding decorations that I actually like for that holiday) of for any other holiday or time of year!   SO CUTE!  Make sure to scroll down below the instructions, because displayed on that blog are a bunch of other cupcake wreaths!

When I find some ideas from blogs that I like, I usually find that their tastes are like mine, so I really enjoy looking at the other cute things they have created, and I make sure to save them to my favorites list so I can find them again when I need another project.  So.... I kept looking around on this same blog and found this other cute idea for Valentines Day....  They are playing cards made into Valentine Coupons.  Now how cute and cleaver is this?  She even has the printable coupon link on it so you can benefit from her work and ideas.  It is so very cute.  Here is the direct link to this project  You will need to go look at other projects on this blog because she has so many other ones that are just darling!  So here is the link that will take you there 

and as I scrolled down I came to these darling flowers made out of felt or leather, but I also thought you could buy some vinyl and make them too. is the direct link to the tutorial to make these but what a versatile project.  These could be given as a gift to someone or made for yourself to have a purse clip, a hair clip, a belt clip, a shoe clip or any other kind of clip that you came up with.   I absolutely love this site and the ideas that she has so cleverly come up with that are new and fresh.  You know, I have seen cute purses that have cute flowers and ruffles all over them, and you could make one using a plain purse or bag pattern and adorn your purse with these darling flowers.  We have a store in Utah that is called Home Fabrics, that have bolts and bolts of fabric that can be used for draperies, upholstering  furniture, and they also have large rolls of vinyl and leather for really cheap per yard.  I think this must be a seconds store, but looking at these darling flowers tutorial, my mind went wild about where I can go to get the materials to make something really cute like this. 

This image came from this blog and gives sort of an idea of what you can do to decorate a purse with flowers.  The one on the image aren't the same ones as above, but you can find a pattern for those as well online.  Look how she has added a cute button to the center of the flower to make it even cuter!
Here is a link to a site that has all different kinds of free patterns for making purses that you can use.  There is even one that is made out of duct tape if you can imagine!!!!    Here is one that looks very simple to make, and would be darling with flowers all over the front of it.  I would make the purse in a vinyl and then put darling fabric or vinyl flowers all over the front of it.  I found this purse at this site and it has lots of other purse patterns too.  I think just alittle clutch purse with a zipper would be so cute decorated with these flowers.  Can you tell I like these flowers???
           One last thing... Don't forget to go to my own Valentine ideas on this site that I have created in the past years for ideas too.  (go to the Labels section on the right and at the bottom, click on "Valentines" ..They are still cute and current ideas and there are printable things that make it so much easier, that is if you own a printer.  Enjoy!  Katie G.

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Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [03 Feb 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

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