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Monday, March 28, 2011

Somebodys having a Birthday? ( Plus more templates)

My daughter had a birthday yesterday, her husband a week ago and my grandson this very same month.  Now why didn't I think of this cute idea much earlier?  Well it is OK because next month my family has several other birthdays.  This isn't just for little children's birthdays, but can be a fun little thoughtful gift for you to make up for the women you Visit teach, for their birthdays.  I found a slice of cake box all stuffed with cute little gifts at this blog  Click on the image to make it larger.  See how they stuffed this piece of cake box with color coordinated things.  This one however is for kids. I was thinking that there are so many cute little things that you could stuff your box with like post it notes and cute floral mini pens from the $1 section at Target.  Kitchen gadgets, like bag clips, etc.  You could also fill it with goodies and treats, and one way to get them without paying allot of money is to buy a bunch of after holiday sales candy.  You can usually find this kind of candy for 50 % off the day after the holiday, and even more off days after that until it is all sold. 

Here is a pattern or template for this cute cake box that I found online at:  All you have to do to create a cute cake box like the one that is pictured above is to buy a piece of printed card stock scrapbook paper (8.5 x 11) and print the template on the side opposite of the print.  Cut out and score, and fold into your darling cake box.  If you want your stuffing's to match, be sure to buy them first and then take them with you when you buy your piece of card stock to match.  Very cute idea.. huh? 

NOTE FROM KATIE:  If you really want to customize this piece of cake template, then go online to any of the hundreds of Digital Scrapbook stores that have so many cute papers for sale, or even offered as freebies.  You will certainly find some cute prints for your piece of cake box there.  You can also find many other cute templates for printing online, and then create them using the your digital paper selections so everything matches.  People ask me how I do it to make things match and look so cute. This is how you do it, print them yourself and even make a cute tag or mini card in a coordinated print as well.    Enjoy! Katie G


Since I am in the template mode, I thought I would share with you some other cute templates of things you can print and create for upcoming gift ideas... Easter, Mothers day, etc....  In my searching for ideas I found a very cute site that has some really cute ideas.  It is called Waltzing Mouse Stamps.  This first one I found is a darling paper printable Easter basket template.  It can be found here: and at that same website, there are many other cute freebie templates like this cute Mothers Day card template that can be found here:  If you go to this link at Waltzing Mouse Stamps, it will show you all the other cute freebie downloadable templates for other cute Easter baskets and other holiday designs.  I love the Halloween witch, but since it isn't Halloween time, I won't post the image, but you should really go look at these.  DARLING!!!! They also have other templates and ideas that they charge for and one that you should really look at is their slice of cake template.  It combines many slices of cake to build one round big cake and their template has a lid and a bottom.  It is soooooo CUTE!!! The digichick site also has cute ideas for printing cake templates, however their template isn't much different than the one that I have posted above.

Here is another really cute idea to make for a Relief Society Birthday Party or whatever you choose. and it comes from Martha Stewart at  They show it here as a Wedding cupcake cake tower, but you could do it for any other kind of project by simply using the template and printing the image out on digital or scrapbook paper you buy in the store.  This idea for the lace wrap around edge, was created by finding a pretty lace and color copying and enlarging it. Now how creative is that????    SOOOO cute!

Even easier and simpler for one person would be printing a cupcake wrap, and printing the template on scrapbook paper and wrapping it around the base of the cupcake.  This would be a great little gift for your Visiting Teaching Sisters birthdays, and since you will have to bake up more cupcakes to get one to take with you to your Sister, your family will be very happy too because they too will get cupcakes for dessert.  Here are several pre designed templates for the cupcake wrap arounds that I found on the internet at this site:  While you are at this blog, be sure to look at the way she decorates her sugar cookies.  Absolutely fabulos!  Also she lists freebie links to all different kinds of cupcake wrap printables for Valentines Day, Lego Parties, Ninja, Princess, Bird, Butterfly, Deer, Easter, Bohemian, Chandelier, black and white, Springtime, Superbowl, 4th of July and on and on!

It is a ping that you can download the template and print from your computer.  It has two different kinds of cupcake wraps, one plain edge andthe other is scalloped edge.  NOW if you need some cute printable cupcake invitations...... well of course you can go here:  Be sure while you are there to go through the other cute printables that they have on that site.  VERY CUTE!!!  And if that wasn't enough make sure to check out this site:

I have to be done now, as each darling idea leads me to the next and I could spend all day doing this, but I need to get some housework done today as well so.. Bye for now!  Love, Katie G.

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