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Friday, November 27, 2009

Needing Christmas Ideas? I have some and a sneek preview of my new business, "Cuteness in the Kitchen"

I spent a lot of time last year preparing a bunch of wonderful ideas for gift giving for Christmas. I wanted to remind you that I have a great archive from 2008 that you should go to. On the right column, scroll down until you see the archives and then click on 2008. They might help you this year. After the Boutique in Park City, that I have made a poster for, I will have some more things that I will put up on this blog, but I am just too busy now getting all the last minute crafts completed and packaged. I hope that some of you who read this blog will come and say hello. My booth is "Cuteness in the Kitchen" and most of my Christmas Crafts and items for sale have to do with the kitchen. I have designed some darling Kitchen aprons for women, and some matching ones for little girls. I have a cute one for a Man in the kitchen as well. I have another line of aprons that are so cute. I want to give you a little preview of my aprons, before I actually open my website, so let me know what you think, and if you want to order one, you can email me at NOW FOR YOUR SNEAK PEEK.......
When I designed this cute apron, I wanted one that would look good on every woman. This one does and has a very feminine look to it. The prints are all really cute! If a woman work is in the kitchen for most of the day, she may as well look and feel great while doing the work, all the time keeping your clothing under the apron clean.
My inspiration was my Grandmother Robinson. She was raised in the generation that you always wore a crisply ironed apron. She always looked so cute and had such a great assortment of kitchen aprons, or front aprons as she called them.

This is what the mans apron looks like,except there isn't a pocket like pictured, but I have designed a Chef logo stitched in red and white and the apron is in black, so it looks great side by side with the woman wearing my aprons in the kitchen. I will have lots of these available at the Park City Little Dickens Fair.

These little aprons are so darling and fit a little girl from about age 4 - 8. This top apron is one fo the Mommy and me prints available.
These aprons are so cute on little girls as they are just as feminine as the Mommy apron. They make the little girl feel special as she is matching her Mommy. She can be side by side Mom in the kitchen making cookies, or helping do the dishes, keeping her clothing underneath the apron clean. She can also wear this as a craft apron as children need something to protect their clothing while doing craft projects. Isn't she adorable?
This bottom apron, which I call lipstick damask, is so popular that I have had to order more fabric and won't be available at the fair, but I will be taking orders.

I will also be selling a different retro style of women's aprons. These are darling. I won't have many available at the fair, but I will be taking orders and will ship to my customers homes within a few days of getting the order. When first seeing this apron, everyone asks...."Is this a dress and does it go all the way around?" The answer is no, it isn't a dress but an apron. It is so cute and looks really good on. The sash at the waist is very long and wraps around the back and back around the front and ties there, making even a more feminine look to it.
The same goes with this style. Notice that the bib of this apron is styled differently, but still very feminine and cute! Oh, such "Cuteness in the Kitchen!"
I also carry a line of "Glovables" that are designer rubber gloves, that match the aprons. These are so cute and useable. When I first saw them, I thought that these could be a gift to give the woman who has everything, or to a new bride along side of a black bucket (which I will have at the boutique) and a mop and a black scrub brush. SOOOOOO cute!!!

You are the first to see my new product line in my new business. I hope you like them, and I would love to hear what you think. Please comment below.


Jennifer said...

Your aprons are super cute! So are the gloves, what a great idea! Hope you were successful at the craft fair!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! You would actually WANT to do the cooking in order to wear the apron!

You know what they say about old friends and antiques? They grow more valuable with time.

Glad that you dropped by my blog!

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