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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Something to warm yourself when it's cold outside.

My grandmother Robinson use to make up the best, what we called it..."Hot Spice Punch" every year at Christmas time. I remember going to her house and when we entered the front door, I could immediately smell the most fragrant, wonderful smell. It always drew me to her kitchen where she had a large pot of her hot spice punch simmering on the stove. The fragrant cloves and cinnamon made my mouth water and I couldn't wait until she offered me some. She would then unwrap a tiny candy cane and hook the crook of the cane over the edge of the mug. Those were great memories. I have kept my grandmothers wassail recipe and have integrated it with my own family traditions over the years, and my own children ask me every year if I am going to make the Hot spice punch.

Today I am trying to battle my cold and I decided that I would make some hot spice punch to warm me up and hopefully help me to get alittle extra vitamin C for my cold. This time, I tried to expedite the process and I think that I like the new recipe even better than the old one. I have added a couple new things to mine and taken away one of the ingredients and substituted another.... but it turned out to be absolutely delicious.

In years past, I have made up this recipe and after it had sufficiently simmered, I poured some into a glass pint or a quart canning jar for gift giving. I have made the fabric lids that you can find on this blog, and put them on with a label of one kind or another. This would make a great and easy Visiting Teaching gift.

Let me know what you think of my new and improved recipe, even though you can't compare it with the old one since I am not posting that one. You can print this off to share if you like. Enjoy! Katie G.

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