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Friday, March 18, 2011

Spanish, Portuguese, or other languages.....I need your input.

I have had several request lately for me to translate my handouts and freebies into Spanish.  I don't speak Spanish so it isn't easy for me to accomplish this.  I would, however love to have anyone of any language be able to use my handouts, so I have thought about a way that I could possibly accomplish this.  I will need your imput to to know if this will work for you. 

My idea is that when I design something like the book mark to the left, for example, I will do my creative thing and make something cute, and type in the message, scripture or whatever, in English and post it on my blog.  Then I will also post a page of the same designed bookmark, without the message, leaving it blank for you to save to your computer and type in or insert however you can, the translation in whatever language you need to share with the sister you Visit teach, friends or whomever. 

So, I designed this bookmark for you to try to put your own message on, just to see if you can do it.  It is a cute Springy and Easter looking print from Shabby Princess, and you can see what you can do with it.  This time I didn't include a scripture but I am sure you can come up with one about Springtime, the Resurrection, Jesus Christ's atonement, new life, or whatever else you think of.  I know that not everyone will have the ability to do this on the computer but you could still print up the message, and type on it, or hand write the message. 

Please let me know if this will work for you and how you accomplished it.  I need feedback or I simply won't make the extra effort it will take to do this, as all of this takes allot of time.  You can either click on the "comment" button below this post and comment there, or email me directly on my blog email which is posted at the top right column of this blog.  If you just comment, please be sure to provide me your email address if you want me to reply because by default, no return email is listed.

Thanks for your help!

Katie G.


Rosana Garcia Hess said...

Dear nice of you!!! for me doesn´t matter wich language cause I love English :) but in Portuguese will be nice too.
hugs from Brazil

Bergs said...

I think it's a fantastic idea! I would understand if there's not enough interest though.

Maii said...

I used and scripture about the Savior for VT`s March message, using a very easy program: PhotoScape. You can add whatever you want on this bookmarks and there are no difficult at all. :) Hope you like it!!

Love, Mai

Maii said...

I used and scripture about the Savior for VT`s March message, using a very easy program: PhotoScape. You can add whatever you want on this bookmarks and there are no difficult at all. :) Hope you like it!!

Love, Mai

Sylvia said...

How wonderful and kind you are! I barely stumbled over this blog quite by accident. I have been in Primary for about 13 yrs. Just got released and have been asked to be a VT Supervisor. I have never had a calling in RS before and was looking for something to break the ice when I found you. Again, I may visit more often. Thanks again for your beautiful design of the book marks. What a very cute idea. Have a great week!

Sylvia Keanrey

loulouB said...

Thank you so much for sharing your talents. I shall be using one of your tags for my VT sisters this month. All of my sisters are less active so I have to use a lot of imagination to attract their attention in my letters to them.
Thanks again.
Love from England

Anonymous said...

I would love to get this download, when i click on it it doesn't look like it will print ok, and can i put a scripture
on it? is it editable. if you can send me an email, the email in these comments is what to send it to
this is my account, my daughters account is what we found your awesome website

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