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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurrican Sandy; How can we help?

Hurricane Sandy has hit, and it's widespread devastation is now just being assessed and the stories are being told.  Rather than create a pretty picture for you to print off and give to those you Visit teach, I suggest instead that all of us do something to help with this great disaster that has fallen upon the East Coast States.  Here is a link to keep you up on those stories.

I found a wonderful article written in the Deseret News, written by Joseph Walker, on Oct., 29th, about what Mormons were doing to prepare for this disaster.  You can find it at this link
When a disaster of this perportion strikes anywhere in the world, most people react with sadness, and disbelief, and bewilderment, but quickly their mind takes them to the next step... "What can I do to help with this disaster?"  Our church once again has the answers and this article tells that the LDS Church is called upon by the American Red Cross, to help fill the needs.  I loved the tour of the Bishops Storehouse, that was a segment on the Rock Center program some weeks ago.  The show was focused on meeting Mormons in America and this was just a part of the segment.  It was awe inspiring to see how prepared our church is to help at a moments notice. this is the link to that video clip however it is at the end of the program but well worth waiting to see.
How can we help? 
  • Well I certainly don't have all the answers, but I know that donations are gladly accepted by the American Red Cross and they go directly to the efforts that they are making on behalf of those who are suffering. 
  • We can help and donate at the humanitarian center, who provides food, clothing and supplies needed during disasters. My best guess is that there will be crates labeled with "LDS Church" on the outside of them, being delivered to assist.
  • I feel certain that your sons, our Missionaries will be out in full force helping in the neighborhoods who have great need of service.
  • If you live in that area, after you have taken care of your own family and secured their safety then you can reach out and help your neighbors.  Maybe your food storage could be well served by sharing with your neighbors.  Hope you are prepared and heeded the council of our prophets for years to have your food storage.  I have always felt that my food storage really wasn't mine, but for me to share and help my children, friends, and family in need.
Please feel free to comment and let me know of the other ways that you can help, or have helped in past disasters.  The world has need of willing hands, so put your shoulder to the wheel!

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